I'm In Love With A Married Guy

I truly, hopelessly, unconditionally  love a married guy. What should I do? I know that I can never have him but I can't stay without him. :( ... I always end up with someone whom I can never have for myself :'(
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thats what defines women , they will love the most ruthless , mean , undeserving men
and then wonder why they got hurt .

Good for u! Life is tough for us hopeless romantics! We never dare settle and the right man is so hard to find.... keep looking! They are out there ;) I know!

they are out there , but they are out of yor mind . look at t like this , you r looking for him in a red shirt and he's wearing a black coat ... hence you will never spot them ( you might be carrying a wrong description of him )

I totally agree with both of your statements, but I had to get dragged on the ground for a while to figure it out. I feel lucky though :) I found a really great guy, I was single for 6 years and met an amazing man and now the rest of my life seems to be lining up. I never thought I would imagine a family or a new life like this. But it is happening and I am excited :D

Word of advice to the ladies who relate to this... Hold back on any man and see him for who he is before you dive in. I did that and never wasted any time. Because I did that I was able to see the right man for me. Because as I sat back I saw men with dysfunction that I wasn't willing to take on. I looked at men as if they were unchangeable, take them as they are or don't at all. When I did that all of the guys not right for me fell away or into the friend zone :P And the man who stood above them all appeared.

Thanks S33K3R..u r the best :)) ... nice nick u hv got there..heheeeee...im lots better nw...growing up i guess.. :D

I was in the same situation... But the man I love is with another man hahhahaha he is BI which I find so sexy!!!! hahaha anyways he and I have a long history and now I am just letting the tides drift us appart. He needs to focus on his man :) one day if the wind allows it he will be blown my way. He will be lucky if I am still single hahaha but with the way I am I just might be..... Dont be too sad, everything happens for a reason, and the grass always looks greener on the other side. A relationship is a relationship and they are always harder than we thought.... you will get one eventually.. who it is with doesnt determine the quallity only, it is how we act and react that is the biggest determinator.

Hi rainbow82,<br />
I am married, but I always seem to have a soft spot / fall for girls that are doing it tough. I sometimes wonder is it the "Old Knight in Shining Armour" thing.<br />
<br />
Even so I think it's great to be madly in Love with someone, it's beautiful & perhaps, maybe just the one last bit of childhood that we carry into our adult lives!<br />
Far better to have been in Love, than to never have loved at all !<br />
<br />
God has given you a heart, to love - therefore LOVE !!!

I prefer late to bed and late to rise :-) lol<br />
<br />
Then you can dream moreeeeee. and Hmmmmmmmm you know what I mean!!!!

thanks dear for your comforting words... :( ... hope I will realise your saying tht " Whats yours will be yours" ..thanks again sweety..hugs to you too..

hmmm....yeah lets dream.... early to bed...late to rise...lol :D

I wish I could just talk to her again and she was everything a guy wanted and more. I miss her too but still want her..... lol<br />
<br />
I guess dreaming will have to do for now huh? :(

Really....happy to hear that you have the same experience as I do.....yeah nothing can be done butttt..... :( I'm gonna miss him all my life... :(

he he hope you are not XXXXXXXX.<br />
<br />
I also had my first true love but I am married and she wasn't and we drifted apart after so long.<br />
<br />
I miss her terribly and love her for everything she was and the best times of my life..<br />
<br />
What to do?