So Frustrating

Ive been in so  many wonderful relationships, that I feel we have a connection, an understanding of each other...can say anything and have a great comfort zone where you feel so excepted.  And everytime something happens or comes up where they have to or want to leave the state or far away and even country and its over just like that.  I knew a couple of them wasnt going to last long cuz they either had the plane ticket in their pocket or were only here for 6 months, but when I decided to still date them I didnt know or think I would have fallen for them like I did.  My latest lost his job and moved 2 hrs away...I felt like we could make it work.  But guess he didnt care for me as much as I cared for him, cuz he hated the drive and wanted to close the chapter on his old life and start a new one.  Having a really hard time letting him go...wish I could find someone who cares for me as much as I care for them   
jojo31 jojo31
31-35, F
Aug 31, 2011