Everyone That I Have A Crush On Is Unavailable :(

1st I develop a crush on a guy named Brennen and he's in a really committed with an amazing girl and even though it sucks for me, I'm really happy for them! They look perfect together 
Now I have two crushes; one on my straight best friend, Avneet and the other one is on my teacher James Bond (BTW that's his nickname lol)  I wish I could just fall for someone who likes me back and is available 
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3 Responses Sep 25, 2011

How about looking around and seeing if anyone already likes you? Maybe you can like him back?<br />
I know what you mean though, I always fell for the guys who did not precipitate:-( Time, after time, after time. Classmate, neighbor, professor, another professor lol. And if a guy liked me first, it was almost like a turn off - don't let this happen to you!<br />
Finally I met a guy online and we just chatted for a very long time. The feelings developed slowly and it was mutual at last! We got married, 12 years ago and still are:-) <br />
You will find someone or he will find you!

You are young and wasting your time.

I know the feeling. :-( Still, chin up! You're VERY young, I'm sure that you won't have to search for long to find someone. :-)