Story of my life...I've gone through so much pain and trouble because of this girl. But I've also learned a lot about myself and life in general. First of all I'm definitely a shy guy. It's not in my nature to go out partying and/or being the life of the party. Now I'm not saying I won't go out partying...it's just that I have to be with friends. When I'm around friends or just feel comfortable enough to be myself you'd never guess I'm a shy person.

Anyway, i'm getting off topic....this girl...code name C-note...is super beautiful, cute and hot all mixed into one and she's got a personality to match. We met in high school....man that was a long time ago. I remember the first time i saw her. it was during the summer a few weeks before my first day of high school. my mom took me to get my picture taken and after they had a bunch of uniforms that you could buy (it was a catholic school...but im not catholic shhhhhh). all the uniforms were in the library and as i was walking in i saw her with her mom. i remember checking her out but trying not to be obvious...you know...holding up a shirt and pretending to look at it when really you're look at the girl just past the shirt hahaha. she was only there for a few minutes and then she left.

then the first day of school started. i was nervous as hell. i've seen all the teen movies about freshmen getting picked on. i didn't want to be that kid. of course after first period i stopped worrying about it because guess who was in my first period class of my freshman year of high school...it was her. i couldn't believe it...i just couldn't believe it. now of course i couldn't sit next to her because that would be way to obvious.

ok let me take this time to say up front that i know i'm no ladies man, casanova or anything that resembles a player. i was the stereotypical "nice guy" which would be my doom later on for many years to come. but for some reason back then i had this notion that if i liked a girl i couldn't let her know that i like her. i would get her to like me by not letting her know i like her...some how it made sense back then. ok back to the story.

so it's the first day of class and we're sitting in random seats...pretty much watever seat you pick when you walk into class. being the introvert that i am i chose a seat in the back near the window. so class begins and the teacher takes attendance and that's when i find out her name...c-note (obviously not her real name...think i'll change it to c). my memory is a little fuzzy but i think the next day or two the teacher rearranges the seating chart...and she picks alphabetical order. it's only the first two days of class so i don't know anyone's last name...except for her's and i'm thinking the first letter of her last name isn't that close to my mine so we won't be sitting close to each other. turns out i end up sitting right behind her.

so let's recap...the first girl in my freshman class that i see i'm already in "love" with hahaha...she happens to end up in my first period class of my first semester of high school and now she sits right in front of me. what are the chances!

since we sit next to each other i naturally get to know her and we actually become friends. i'm loving high school at this point. i don't remember exactly when but some time later in the semester i find out she has a boyfriend and he's a sophomore. yah...pretty sucky. but the odd thing was that she never talked about him. anyway, there was nothing i could do so we stayed friends. after the semester ended and we all come back from winter break our schedules all changed. the girl of my dreams was off with her boyfriend not thinking about me.

you think the story has ended but it's only just the beginning...unfortunately.
GooderThanB4 GooderThanB4
26-30, M
May 3, 2012