Don't Know What To Do

If you read my first story then you'll understand this one. Just yesterday I was chatting online with my cousin/boyfriend's younger cousin who is 17 years old. She doesn't know that I'm in a relationship with him. She told me that long before I came back to vietnam he already has a girlfriend that lived quite far away. She also told me that he plans to move out of his parents home into a house of his own to live with that girl he knew before me. I was heartbroken but I held a little hope that it might not be true but just now I chatted with his other cousin that's older then us and she told me the same story. At the moment I'm feeling very betrayed but I don't hate him or resent him, I just feel very sad that he had the nerve to string me along like that. He promised me he wouldn't cheat on me and he promised that he'd always love me and only me. I guess their all lies now that the truth came out. He totally used me and I'm glad that I found out about this now better then later. But right now my heart hurts so much and the tears keep coming but I've promised myself that I wouldn't break because of some guy. I will be strong but each time I think of him I'd feel my heart breaking all over again. I just wished he would be honest with me, I mean if he had someone else then he could have at least told me so that I could walk away and get on with my life, is that too much to ask? I gave him all my love and he reciprocated with lies and more lies. Right now I don't know what to do, I feel so empty and lonely.
starlily100 starlily100
Aug 20, 2011