Its Just So Typical!

My biology teacher is alot older than me, and yet every time he walks into the room i feel as if the sun has come out. Even when i was most depressed (just after my mum died just over a year ago) if i saw him i would feel just that little bit lighter, like i could go on. But he is married, to a woman who's about 12 years older than me. And shes really nice. There has never been anything between me and my teacher and there never will be. and yet i cant seem to help smiling when he looks at me, or sharing a private joke in class, or stopping my heart from beating twice as fast when ever hes within 3ft of me. and if he happens to help me with some work and leans in, i honestly do believe my heart skips a beat. But like i said nothing is ever going to happen, i only hope that i stay good friends with the man who has been a guardian angel to me for the last 18 months.

lovedwithoutbeingloved lovedwithoutbeingloved
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010