I Always Fall Too

Hi... I was searching the internet for conseils, of how to overcome this problem. I am actually in love with the wrong guy, he's a liar and a womanizer. I feel so stupid admitting this. If i read this, i would say, how can you love someone like that. Well... i do...

He's charming and wonderful when he's with me...and that made me fell...

We are no longer together...and i commited myself to another relationship. He has been away from the country for more than 8 month, but we still keep in touch, as friends... and i know i should just completly forget about him... but i just can't


Carito Carito
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 16, 2007

your lucky because ur asking an important question from you. Human fall in love for various reasons but make sure u give a chance to your head too (some consideration)

I have a similar problem . This guy ,Ionut , made me feel so special and so important and I fell in love with him . After a few perfect weeks , the best weeks of my life , he left for like 9 months to a foreign country and kind off broke my heart. He's not back yet but we keep in touch , it's a long distance relationship but it's killing me because i miss him so much and i always thing about him and i just can't be happy for more then a few minutes because something always reminds me of him.<br />
<br />
I have been trying to forget him for the last 4 months but nothing works , in fact it's getting harder and harder to stay without him . I even tried to date other guys but I just can't , nobody is as funny , as smart ,as sensitive as he is .