I'm Always Wanting What I Cannot Get!

I'm starting to think that I do it on purpose! Come on it is not possible that it is just a coincidence when it happens every time ! I always fall in love with someone who is unavailable, or totally different from me, or so wrong and not a good person! Really why do i do that to myself ?!

Now let's get to my latest stupid love story  , it is not really love, I know it is not, but I'm starting to have a crush on someone who couldn't be more wrong for me!!! I know I do not stand a chance, I know there is no way on earth it will work, I know that my feelings are just so stupid and illogical and stupid, did I mention that already? but they are growing!!!! God I feel so jealous thinking about him/ her with someone else (it is not that I do not know their gender but I don't wanna reveal any info to you people sorry lol) I just want to get myself out of this before it is TOO LATE!!!!! I do not know what should I do, because I always say that to myself: I need to get rid of my feelings quickly, then I end up stuck with the person for a long time!!!

I'm scared to death, I do not have time for my heart childish games I really don't! This time is different, firstly because I think I have matured more and I'm not able to respect my brain for my stupid choice, secondly because I'm SO busy I mean I need to do other important stuff with my life at the moment it is a very important time of my time but I'm actually wasting it running after something not worth it and I'm  not able to do anything good no study no this no that no no no nothing!!!! I'm just acting like a  silly teenager obsessed with that person and nothing else but I did not act this way when I was 16 so why is it now?? It is really stupid!!! I'm worried about myself ! and finally because enough is enough!
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2012

I usually crush on men...But they end up have gf or something just we could not!!!!And their action and whatever they made me super angry...haha..And super sad 😥

Poor thing, I have had this same problem:<br />
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I had a huge crush on a girl I work with, the problem was that she was a lesbian with a girlfriend XD

HHHHHHHHHHHH I feel your pain :P I can have a crush on a straight girl!!!