I Am Surrounded

I am surrounded by waves. Everyone in this world is singing, everyone's voice makes a song. Why does my song falls only on deaf ears? People will only listen to my voice if i manufacture it if i change it to perfection. In this world I am alone. I am surrounded by people harmonizing, by people creating, but no one stops to listen to a raw voice.no one bothers to sing a verse. in a world full of quartets and duets i am a solo. I am surrounded by people who applaud my voice but not my words. I am under water and the sirens are singing to me dragging me closer. Bubbles float past but they're all eager to make it to the surface they never stay long with me. This pen is my voice these words are my song. Someone listen. Someone hear.
singingcaptive singingcaptive
13-15, F
May 11, 2012