dreams i dream at dawn
gears turn forward
tick tock
only tears overflow and hover above the ground
person who creates sleepless nights
i can't commit anymore sins
but still is it ok for me to love?
the soft warm touch of hope the ray of light in this deep dark tunnel
that enveops and enlightens all it touches
the case of darkness and chains i wear
the harsh atmosphere
never ceasing clang of a bell
the antidote is just ahead
the eyes tell all
the waxing moon
in the morning i'll have to walk tall again
but until then let me cry myself to sleep
the dam breaks and emotions overflow
and then
im drowning
the surface above creates ripples and waves
as voices surround in the deep darktunnel
alice is falling
the rabbits watch won't stop
tick tock
clang goes the bell
the cheery cottage of seven
snow white takes a bite
another flame
the hammer slams down
divine judgement
and i am left alone
the end is soon
behind the crimson eyes
the ballerina spins in it's box
tick tick
the child of pain won't stop
the screaming
hurt inside
that colors my body with shame
how does one cure invisible wounds?
how much longer can i last?
thought's like bubbles
drift to the surface of my subconciousness
sending pretty words afloat
to the sky,
to the sky
the effortless sky
the haunting sky
the moon lies
to us all
a wrenching pain
a tug at my heart
an electric jolt
and im awake
to walk forever in this wasteland
singingcaptive singingcaptive
13-15, F
May 11, 2012