Hmm...i Always Feel Alone...its Very WEird and i HATEEEE THIS FEELING...My Family is always here...i talk to them Alot okay..and for my Friends..i Talk to them as well..but even though they're Here..i still feel EMPTY!.....i HATEEE IT...its getting really aggrivated...i hate the fact that i have many people around and yet i feel this sudden breeze of Anger..depression...So many emotions...and i feel like im wasting my life........Errphmmmm i HATE Feeling EMPTY!
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Old thread - new response.<br />
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I have had this feeling of isolation on a regular basis since I was a child. <br />
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Here I am, a few decades older, and it's getting worse instead of better. Two things that I have discovered about myself since my childhood may have something to do with it. <br />
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First, I am transgender. That probably explains why I got along marginally better with the girls than the boys on the block. <br />
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The second discovery was that I have a condition known as "Aspergers syndrome", which is thought to be a high-functioning form of autism that often manifests itself in a type of social awkwardness, although individual results may vary. <br />
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Quite a combo, eh?<br />
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No wonder I feel alone, even in a crowd.

Sometimes though.... ist not taht you ned mediacation.<br />
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Perhaps yo just havent met anybody who 'gets you' or who you connect with.<br />
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Life can seem so lonely when you are surrounded with people who are so similar to eachother and you just dont fit.<br />
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I know how you feel. But trust that thre are people out there tha tyou will meet and feel that YOU make sense too :)

I have also suffered with these feelings it was so merable<br />
It was after my son was born sometimes that happens to people the chemicals in their body go off kilter and you need to see a doctor to get <br />
in balance again once the doctor figured it out and set me up with the right medication .<br />
Now I am one happy camper <br />

Look in BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. Really check it out on google because I understand where you are coming from. I was hospitalized and diagnosed when I was there with BPD(See above). I always feeling so alone, no matter what the situation, lots of depression, suicidal, thoughts, and many other things. Just crazy mood swings and constant emotional shifts. One minute so so happy and the next as low as you can go.

I know that feeling.... its crazy how you can feel so alone when your surrounded by people ! Its like in your head your the only person that exists..well at least theres now two of us !:-)xxxxxxx