Fat Fat Fat Fat Fat Fat....

That's all I see when i look in the mirror. I see fat.

I've always been a chubby kid my whole life-always had a big stomach, chubby thighs, and a fat face.

About three years I completely shed all the weight dropping down to about 120.

Now I'm around that plus a few extra pounds.

I feel fat. If I can pinch it-it's fat. And this is why I'm alone. No one wants a fatass.
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I feel the same.. People are like you weigh what?? Because I don't look it

Thank you John... <br />
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You are nice....

i'm talking about modeling in general. it should be banned completely. i know the people hurt them by doing everything to them. but honestly i can't stand any of the ones i know they don't deserve to have the lifes they do. sadist lets not get into this on someone else's discussion

if you consider that fat then i'm an obese bastard your not fat. GOD I HATE THOSE ****ING MODELS. they act like its a good thing to weight ninety pounds and be ******* when its not. i like you for who you are not your body

Thank youchick. You are quite nice.. Oh I will.. 10 more pounds...<br />
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Thank you. It's good to not be alone...

Alex: you are always so sweet to me...

Thank you sadist. I know I'm fat.

*Hugs*I'm going through the same thing :( I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and be disgusted. I know how it feels to weigh yourself and not feel good enough. It hurts. And sometimes I wish it would ALL end. But there's something that keeps me going, despite all the relapses, I hope you find the will to strive to accept yourself. Pm me if you ever need to talk dear