In Public

When people look at me they never see "me" and it makes me feel awkward. Sometimes they compliment me on my female looks or treat me like a little girl "out of respect for my sex". But the worst is when I'm with all male friends and they single me out or treat me differently because i'm a female.

It's hard to describe how i feel. A mixture of wishing i would have just been born a guy and wishing i was a normal girl so that i wouldn't have to go through this. I feel very alone despite the support from my partner and a close friend. But i still always feel they see me as a girl and not who i really am. It's very frustrating and leaves me feeling insecure about who i am.

Does anyone else feel this way?

achshaph66 achshaph66
3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

im am considering it. part of me feels like i would just make a better guy than girl. not to mention the overwhelming feeling i've had since i can remember that i wanted to be a boy. but its very expensive and i heard some surgeries can be dangerous. i'm not sure what i'm going to do..

I take each situation as it comes. I never let them talk down to me but i try not to make anyone too uncomfortable since a lot of people don't know how to feel about sex changes and all that. <br />
but i don't mind crass. i'm pretty dry humored and can be crass myself. <br />
it just bothers me when everyones joking around, including me, and certain subjects come up and its like i'm jewish at a nazi convention. (excuse the bad analogy) <br />
i generally try to steer the convo when i see it going that way but i feel like i have to otherwise i get singled out.

both, depending on the situation. Most times they try to limit the conversation topics to whats "appropriate" or they will leave me out of activities i enjoy like fishing. It's just a general tone "this is a female and we should be nice to her because of that." or "don't say anything to brash" or they just act like because im a female i'll break on contact. It's really annoying, especially if they know i want to be a male.