I Always Will Be A Wolf

I always fell a howl inside i still howl,growl and run into the woods...but i still didn't find someone like me around,and that's sad 'cause i alwasy wanted someone to howl with me
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I'm from Portugal. :) Where do you live?

i have my own stle aswell but i like to try new stuff and i can let out all my fury in a poor human.. xD

... I understand that. I mean i almost killed a 25 year old guy who was robbing a friend. And i wasnt even going all out. Sure he cut my left arm but i broke several bones.

ik that gym im going to have class of karate there aswell

Cool. I left karate a while ago. Really started boring me. I wouldnt use it anyway. I've got my own style of fighting.

ik and i fell very more happy bcause i have a wolf in here but its still lonely be every day alone with humans

I think i've been there before but i dont know for sure since it was like 8 years ago. If it wasnt there it was near. I went to a big gym for a karate match. But i dont remember if it was there or near there.

portugal..);(im the only wolf in my area)

Well... Im close to there. There's only a few kilometers between here and there.

What state?


I howl with you. I used to have a friend who would howl with me when we were younger, but I don't get to see him any more...



One day we'll all howl together. Having no one to howl with is annoying and gets lonely.

Thanks :)

Il howl with u 2

Thanks that's good to hear :)

i will howl alongside you

I'll howl with you