I Want To Not Feel So Fractured

but i do anyway. i always do. i'm afraid to call people or initiate chats because i'm afraid i'm butting in. i don't speak to neighbors or anyone else in passing. i'm sure people think i'm stuck up. i've been told that i am before. but i'm really not. i'm just meek i suppose. but i'm very animated and imaginative around people i am comfortable with. but i'm not comfy with many people. i hate that i act so very self-important. i don't really feel that way, i just get so caught up in the worries i create for myself. i'm afraid to fan back people on this site. i don't want them to feel obligated. i don't want people to see me as just some little cyber-**** because i have a lot of adult themed stories. whether in 'real life' or on-line, i feel that i am cumbersome. more trouble than i'm worth. and maybe i am. i only have a small amount of friends who know the real me and still like me. maybe because they are just as screwed up as me. so, i know i have many fans on here, send me a message or scribble or whatever it is you do on here if you want to be in my circle. because i won't automatically add you. i want to change. that's part of the reason i am so active on this site. i just don't want to make other people uncomfortable. 
juggalove juggalove
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Id love to be your friend. Ill listen to you.

Oh, my friend, you are so not-stuck-up, not-a-bother, so not-cumbersome, so not-more-trouble-than-you're-worth.<br />
<br />
You are a beautiful person and you certainly can initiate chat ANYTIME with me

Only the people that do not know you would ever think you were just a "cyber ****" Those of us who do know you better know oh so much better than that. We know you are a kind, loving soul that has a wonderfully sensous air about you. Why worry about everyone else? Such inner beauty is what is important!