Feeling Followed

While in my backyard, I was telling my kids that we have too many wasps and need to spray them in the evening. My daughter asked for something to drink. I went in the house to get something for her (I could see them the whole time) and when I came back out, there was a strong smell of bug spray.

I've been getting calls on my house phone and the person is always silent, although one time, their breathing could be heard. The calls were very frequent until I fractured my ankle. The calls stopped entirely. I couldn't walk for 6 weeks and for 6 weeks there were no calls. As soon as I could walk again, the calls resumed.

My house phone rang, when I answered, a woman said, "You just called me. I saw your # on my caller id." I really didn't call her and I hadn't made any phone calls (this day). This happened again a couple weeks later and then a couple days later a different lady called and asked for a name of a guy who doesn't live here. I told her she has the wrong number. 15 minutes later, she called again asking for a different person. Again, I told her she had the wrong number. The next day, she asked for a different person and then apologized and said she's calling from a phone list. I thought it odd that within 15 min of each other was my # listed again and then again for the next day.

Another time in my backyard, I was on my phone stating my cell number and the very next day on my cell, I had a call from a number I didn't recognize. I answered it and the person said with much excitement, "HI, (my name)!" Wearily, I sad, "hi." After that, they immediately hung up. I called it back and it made a fax machine sound.

In my backyard (coming from a neighbors yard but that neigbor was not home), I was singing a song that said "you're not sorry in it." Before I started singing it, I mentioned how it reminded me of a person I use to date and then I started singin the song. Right after I had finished the chorus of singing "you're not sorry", I heard a voice say "sorry." There were no sounds before it or after it.

Some time later, I was at the mall. 2 guys were walking side by side and very much behind me. I stopped to wait for a person I was at the mall with and the one guy left the other guy behind. He walked fairly fast and got close by me but in front of me and stopped. He aimlessly looked all around and made eye contact with me several times. After a few seconds of being there, he started singing, "I've been loving you too long." Then the other guy caught up with him and they walked on and talked to each other.

I was driving and my cell rang. I missed the call. As soon as I drove into a parking lot, my cell rang again. I looked at the # and it was an invalid #. It had too many digits. I answered and it was a soft spoken male's voice and he said, "Hi (my name)." I said, "hi, how are you?" There was no response, he hung up. I couldn't call it back because it was an invalid #.

The calls were so frequent again and then after a couple of weeks, I was in the backyard on the phone talking about how I wish they would stop calling. There were no calls for a long time. Then I was in the backyard on the phone and mentioned how it feels strange they aren't calling and the calls started back again.

Has anyone experienced this?

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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Contact the police and file a report dear. Then change your numbers. Start being vigilant, don't leave the kids alone in the yard and keep the doors locked when your at home and when your away.
If you come home and it appears someone has been in your house Don't go in call the police and have them enter first. Try to have someone with you when you go to the mall or other places where you might be vulnerable.
Check your computer for spyware, make certain if you have a camera on your computer to turn it off or remove it entirely for a while. Let the people close to you know what is going on and most of all start keeping a diary of all odd events. Good Luck