This Feeling Really Sucks.

Today just like any other day, on my way home from school after getting my lunch I park close to my house on the street and a white honda parks behind me. Semi far, so I couldn't really distinguish the person face. While I was eating the sub sandwitch, I started to think to myself, what the hell is this guys deal. He is just there and doesn't get out. Acting Normal as I could, while listening to some Metallica on my computer I pull up the notepad program. I see his license plate number and I type it. Of course seeing it from my left side mirror on my car, the whole thing was backwards, so I made sure to fix that later. By now I decided to stop eating and to not go home. I started to act like I was looking for something on the back of my seat and I started doing some acting on thinking where I would have left and item, after acting and pondering if he had bought it. I came to a conclution on the act, that it wasn't with me and that I had to go get it. I put on my Seat belt and I am ready to put the key in the ingnition, he leaves. I see half of his face and its difficult to describe but he reminded me of dane Cook for some odd reason. As I decided to carry on with my act, I turn the key on the ignition. It doesn't turn on. The car gives me a check engine light and an oil one. I have never had problems with the car. It already had a its check up and replaced what it needed. I couldn't believe what was happening, I started to think to myself that it was absurd that I am thinking that someone is trying to kill me. It doesn't make sense. Then I started to think maybe he wanted to ask me something or I am just making something out of nothing. Its ridiculous. As I want to stop thinking about it, I know that I won't stop. I have to get to the bottom of this, but I am afraid. I don't know what to do because I want to live. I have just started my life and now this. Can you lend a guy like me a hand on how to deal with this situation? Anything will help. I'll keep you posted if I notice this guy or vehicle again. I got the license plate so I will know whats up. Thanks for reading and have an enjoyable day.

Gmacrusher Gmacrusher
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Its a good thing u noticed this at all. Your inner little alert when off bc u are right. Dont ever ignore your instincts. Playing dumb is good. I mix it up. Now what u do is start paying attention to your surroundings. Become familiar with the normal faces, vehicles etc that is in your neighborhood. Particularly in the closest block or two away all around your house. Next, when u drive. If u take the same way to school or wherever, make note of times& watch for vehicles u see on a regular basis. After this as u drive, start mixing it up. Pay attention. Watch the side streets, behind u, even ahead. U will see them if they are there watching you.

usually when someone is behind you like that and your car wont start its a electromagnetic weapon that kills your cars alternator and battery. ive had that soooo many times. also they will fr<x>ame you for cc fraud do not let a cashier use a store card on your transaction that is not yours! i would just move now b4 you lose sight of a positive way of thinking. thats usually the first thing they do but the tactics evolve. no one ever tells you what you need to do to make this part of society lay off its like talking to the deaf and dumb and blind. they thourouly enjoy their criminal activity. but if you actually break a law it all gets worse. so dont go by example.

You are totally over-thinking the situation. There are so many reasons why that car pulled up behind you and just sat there. The person could be doing drugs, writing a text message, drawing a castle, etc etc. There is no way for you to find out what he was doing now. What you do know is that he or anyone else is not out to kill you because you are still alive. You cannot let random occurrences like this worry and consume you. life is full of things that seem suspect but are only that way because of the way you choose to view them. For some people, guns gives them the idea of something dangerous, death, scary, etc. But people who are gun enthusiasts would look at the same gun in a WHOLE different perspective. They would view the gun as a hobby, tool, sport, etc. You see how the gun has stayed the same but the perceptions of the people viewing them is what is different. You have to go about your day with an ongoing filter of thoughts. Reject all thoughts except for ones that serve you good purpose. If you come to a thought of paranoia, dont try to deconstruct and figure it out but instead CLEAR it from your mind. Push it out any and every way you can. Soon enough your mind will learn the program and do it without you knowing.