I am surrounded by family but feel deeply alone. Anyone please rescue me, I have the hopelessness blues.
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Know the feeling. Then if i speak I get attacked. Then I'll spend days at a time not talking and minding my own business and I get attacked for that. So I'm too the point where I'm forced to be alone just to keep my sanity. The people I'm surrounded by I'm starting to believe they just don't like me. They just use me and want me around because I'm pretty smart.

So you have lived my life

I would tell you the cure but I still haven't figured it out.

The cure for pain is kept secret by those who smile

Very good quote. I smiled once it was pretty good

I am Daisy by the way

I am nick. I was tired of wearing a mask and a fake smile. I try very hard to be honest on ep. It's nice to meet you

Hi nick, it is nice to meet you too

How are you today

Overwhelmed, I am leaving home soon and I really hope life is better, you?

I worked for the first time in my like. 8 hour shift. I need to be in school though. School for whatever reason comforts me.

When I was in school, work usually helped distract me from my bitter thoughts

I dislike my thoughts
My thoughts include
Sexual stuff
Murdering everyone around me
And me being an awful person and being a failure and such.

Everyone has those thoughts, i have those thoughts. If they don't, then we are both really messed up

I have a hard time putting on a smile when I'm sad.

I am the opposite, I smile and feel overwhelmed and terribly lonely inside. If I were to stop, I would be scorned at as if feeling down is unacceptable.

Wow, sounds rough

Tell me about because Iam living it, if iI were to commit the big S, none one would know why I would have any reasons too

Why do you feel sad?

I'm not happy. Don't like where i live. I've had a few medical problems because my joints are worn out from working and lifting to much for too many years among other things. I spend most of my time helping other to the point of neglecting myself. I have absolutely no friends. I'm not close to my family. All that keeps me going are my 2 daughters. They are the only thing that's makes me smile and forget the depression i feel at times.

I completely understand you, I learned from this site that others under appreciation is what saddens me. What do you like to do to distract yourself from your blues?

I've worked on computers since about the time windows 95 came out on my spare time. Then I started learning software. programs. (i knew eventually I'd need to change careers). Now i write code. It takes so much concentration that it helps me escape. html css javascript c++ flash php and others. Even started taking classes but I'm concerned about getting highered because of my age.

I guess you blow them away with your skills, if there is something I have learned is that too many times people assume and judge too early and too harshly

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