Perhaps I'm just a bitter, young thing, but in all honesty I say this without a bitter tone. This isn't a threatening idea, it simply is a truth. What is there to love? And if there was something, who would see it? And if I am, perhaps, blind to my own charm, then why has no one expressed it before? It's simply a fact without counter-example and by no means is it offensive or weighty, it simply stings a little and leaves a hollow in my chest. I'll survive.
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I have been in therapy for two years for the same thing. It's like, i know im not worth loving. But it isn't true, you are worth loving on merit of being a person, being worhwhile and being unique. but it sounds like you have been around crap people and don't see the unique personality traits and talents that make you unique. I understand how hard it is when you look for contrary evidence to the "I suck" model of thinking and can't seem to find any, but maybe talking to a professional can help you see that it isn't true, it just might take some extra time and digging.
I am getting better at it but some days I still really struggle with it.