I Feel Like A Third Wheel.

I always feel like A third Wheel. Between my Bestfriend (Andrea) I've known her since the 3rd grade. I've only known Juilette since the 5th grade. I've currently In the 6th grade. Jazmin, My other friend. Told her I was feeling depressed and I was feeling like a third wheel. During Free Period , She told me not to feel like One, That I'm part of family. and Blah Blah Blah. Juliette and Andrea have their own Conversations, I have no idea what their talking about and I feel like My Heart Sunk. I also let her look through my phone and When I ask her when I could Use her phone, She says No. I feel like shes' talking to me behind my Back. They laugh together, I feel Jealous. A couple days ago she was Ignoring me, Natalie and Me. Natalie my other Good friend.

I know that was Short.
I'm Sorry. I don't know what to do anymore.
Please give me some Advice?
Thanks :)
genesislopez genesislopez
22-25, F
Feb 24, 2013