Just Insecure

i can't say i'm not confident. i do think i'm pretty and i do realise i'm not actually fat. BUT everytime i see boys looking at my friends and liking them, i feel rubbish. i immediately feel like i'm just a shadow and my friend is prettier. although, realistically, i think i am prettier. same as i think my body is not god enough, i want to be skinnier. i've spent long time losing weight and now i guess i should be more or less satisfied but i see other girls having thinner legs, bigger bums and i feel insecure. maybe i'm just very envious. but it makes me feel uglier than anyne else around me. why can i not just be happy with what i've got?
romka romka
1 Response Jun 29, 2010

Which IS going to happen, and then it won't matter if they've got bigger bums or a better rack or whatever it is that attracts straight men to women. I have to say, straight people are very odd... lol