I never feel I am good enough for my mother. I feel like she has all these expectations and ideals for me such as thinking I should be on the way to settling down, possibly thinking about kids and in a teaching job. I have started to feel angry at her as she should love and accept me unconditionally, not mould me into something that she wants.
I am clearly not good enough for friends as they easily leave me behind and I have said it many times in my stories, but I consequently have no faith left in my ability as a friend.
I work in daycare but have a degree and am sometimes ashamed at how little I earn and how despite having a degree, my job isn't exactly degree level.
I never feel attractive enough or worthy enough. It makes me really sad.
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1 Response Jun 15, 2011

I feel that way with my parents too. Only my friends and BF are proud of me. My parents cannot be proud until I have that 'stable career' and another man with a 'stable career', kids, pension, good car, etc... the "regular life." I am happy that I have a bf who supports me through all of this so that I no longer have to deal with it on my own. I think the issue with this is that children (especially girls, and then women) are very concerned about what their parents think because mothers tend to be controlling and demanding on girls, critical, etc... I am also a teacher and I'm working in a different field right now (not government). I make decent money but I don't have that 'government stability.' My BF also does not have a government job but brings in a good 30 - 35k a year. She is complaining about this and thinks NEITHER of us are good enough because we don't have that stability. I am also 27 and my BF is 40, and my mom thinks he needs to have kids now because he is too old. All in all I am pretty frustrated at this point and I prefer to spend time away from her as much as possible.I think as girls it's REALLY REALLY important to break away from our mothers so that we can have a healthy relationship with them later on, and not continue to resent them into the future. We can do this by thinking for ourselves and not taking criticism, surrounding ourselves with positive and loving people, and doing things that make US happy (not our moms)

I think a little bit like you, I don't yet earn what I could be earning if I had a government position .. and like everywhere, teaching is HARD to get into.