Why Can't Just Being Me Be Enough?

Feeling alone,
don't know what to do,
all I can think about is how to be cool,
but that's so cliche,
that's not the kind of person I wanna be,
because I just wanna be me,
but just being me doesn't seem to cut it in this world,
and I'm getting kinda lonely,
yeah call me desperate,
but if you were my position,
you would do the same thing,
wouldn't you?
So I work like crazy,
just so I can have some money to buy some new clothes,
because the first thing people seem to care about is how you look,
don't deny it,
the ugly duckling and the swan were one and the same,
but the only one loved,
was the beautiful swan,
but I wish it wasn't like this,
I just want to be loved for me,
but how can anyone ever love me,
if I don't even love myself?
Even what I'm writing,
it's not a poem,
but to me it just looks better this way,
but why can't I just let it be written like how it's suppose to be?
When can everything just be perfect the way it is?

Unbloomed Unbloomed
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 7, 2011

Everything will be perfect just the way it is when youu say so. If you think your beautiful, smart, pretty then other people will start feeling that way too. if you ever feel down and lonely just think about something you really love and like. Do you have a pet? Dog or cat cuz if you dont you should get one because you will always know their by your side and they dont care whos on the outside they care who they can see and they can see the wonderful person on the inside.