So Frustrated.....

The last three years of my life have been the worst years of my life! I got married two years ago and see that was the worse thing I could have done he is verbaly abusive to me he puts me down and makes me feel worthless and not good enough for him.He says he was treated the same way which makes it more confusing to me if you were treated that way why would you want to treat the one you say you love that way dont make sence to me.I dont treat him that way I do everything for him bending over backwards.Why does someone treat a person like that? what are they tring to get out of it?Im not a material person or expected anything more than respect love caring understanding and treated as the love of your life I want to feel on cloud nine not hanging on by a string.I never seem to get involed with the right person where is my prince charming?
doigivup66 doigivup66
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1 Response Apr 23, 2012

There are no prince charmings. There might be guys out there who aren't abusive though. I would start there. Was he like this before the marriage?

Not to much as he is now when I asked him about the change in him he just states"If I acted like myself you would have never gone out with me" That didnt make me feel good at all

There you have it, maybe a longer courtship might have been in order so you could see through the mask.