Not good enough!

I give everyone my time, effort, help and everything they need or want but its never good enough… I always think I'm not good enough now especially when people just leave me! I try my best and give it my all to stay with everyone and keep in contact but people just up and leave me with a word and never reply and just ignore me. Which leads to me thinking what have I done wrong even though I know I have not done anything wrong at all because all I do is make people happy and feel good about themselves. Some people do come back and because I'm forgivable I let them back in my life even with the fact they may leave again!

Whatever I do is not enough and then I just think "oh I give up" nobody cares and that just makes me feel crap :( It does sound safer to not trust and not get attached to anybody but what's the fun in that? That would just make me miserable.

When I cheer people up its never enough for them and people just put me down and nobody actually listens to me also I don't get help with my problems even when I ask for help it just get ignored and people just continue using me.

It's hard for me to stand up for myself as I have a lack of confidence, low self-esteem and is very shy as well as I'm the nicest and most helpful person you'll ever know! Nobody is ever satisfied with me :/ and it does bring you down knowing you're not good enough for anybody!
LittleMilwee LittleMilwee
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1 Response Aug 30, 2012

i know how you feel *hugs* everyone does the exact same thing to me too..i guess people are just too busy with their life to pay attention to anyone else...

Thank you :) *Hugs back* true and i think the society is selfish nowadays : /