Tends To Creep Up

I tend to look down on myself as life continues (seems, at least) to let me down. I can't say it is horrible, just wish it was better. I have been starting to get a bit more condifence in myself and it seems to be going well. It isn't moving quickly, though, and that can seem like failure. I am just trying to move foward.
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31-35, M
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Hi, you moveing forward and in the right direction so WELL DONE! try and be kind to yourself because although u may not feel like it I'm sure you do deserve it. Our feelings let us down and we tend to let them control us instead of us controlling them. I mean that in the best possitive way. It can be helpfull to read life coaching books too. The monk who sold his ferrarie is really life changing. I'm rooting for you. Shoulders back and head up high, breath - you can do whatever it is u need to do, believe it.