Ugh! The most unappreciated feeling in the world is 'FEELING NOT GOOD ENOUGH.' Lately, I been feeling like if I am alone. Feels like everything I try doing is wrong. I never do what's right. Or, even if I think is right is wrong. Maybe, I just deserve to be alone. && its funny how they always say the most loveable caring people are always the people that been through it all. The people that has suffer the most. ;'( I think is true! Just feel like im done with my life. Nothing about it makes me feel I am something in this world! Nothing!... I just cant anymore... I'm tired not being good enough for anyone or anything. ;,(
Jaiyy Jaiyy
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 5, 2014

Know the feeling...

*hugs* It's all going to be ok. I know how you feel but it will get better.

Aww thanks! Appreciate it :)

It's ok :) If you want you can talk to me, ok?

Sure will keep that in mind :)