My LO (limerance object) is my fitness instructor. She made a difference in my life because I was at one of my lowest point in my life when I joined her gym 2 years ago and being in the gym a lot since has helped me heal slowly. I even wrote her a letter about how I feel that she made a difference in my life. She thanked me and said it was a very nice letter. Now I'm starting to feel like I am jealous of her other friends because I know she talks to them more than she does with me. She is in her 50s so we are in totally different age group but I know she talks to other girls who are in my age group (early 30s) because I see this in the gym. I feel like I just want to talk to her about anything but don't know what to talk about. Anyone got any advice? I used to purposely schedule my work schedule around her fitness schedule just so I can see her and workout in the class with her. Now I want to kind of avoid her because I don't know if she's purposely trying not to talk to me.
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I'm going to send you a Message with my answer to this.