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Poor critters.I saw a deer today and it was a beauty. Hit by a car in a very busy part of town!  They just  wanted to get better food or whatever is needed..A girlfriend?  My daughter laughs at me when I see a dead squirrel, opossum, raccoon and someones pet... I say AW WWW Poor thing! 

Watching a dog dodging traffic is a nightmare..OMG, I hate that!

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I know what you mean..yes we sorta do that.Touch a dead creature to find life, hope it moves & comes to life.I know elephants do that too. Very sad every time.

I hate to see it too ... foxes, badgers, cats ... I always feel so sorry for them ...

I feel the same way Owlie....there's so much new development around here and the deer and other animals have lost their natural habitat...so they come closer and closer to residential areas just searching for food...and sadly man get hit by cars.

Yeah, a fox is so beautiful.People need to keep the pets in a closed yard or on a nice chain.Kids cry for lost little friends.

And then there's that relief..You think you hit a squirrel and look in the rear view..HE'S STILL RUNNING!! Cheers, run little guy, run..

OMG i know like when i see even like a little squirell i feel like running out and picking it up and carrying it across the street lol all my friends make fun of me...

Awe, poor Deer!! I think its terrible to see road kill... but to be honest, That's interesting that there would be a dead deer still there. I know it's very common for people to quicky take the deer and then have the meat. If you think about it... atleast the body isn't wasted. I know it's still absolutely terrible.

I am exactly the same way. I've nearly wrecked my car trying to avoid hitting an animal! I'm always torn when I see a dog trying to cross a highway, wondering if he'll make it across. I wish people would take better care of their pets.

Seeing dead animals on the side of the road, always makes me feel alittle sad!

I know, the little animals are so innocent.I've hit a squirrel too. That sound when you KNOW it was hit! I love the thought of touch to awaken the dead.It's sad . I like animals.

I know, I always feel sorry for road kill too! <br />
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Did you ever see the movie, "Starman"? I love the part where Jeff Bridges (Starman) touches the deer laying on the hunter's car and brings it back to life. (Not that I have a problem with hunting, because I think it's necessary and I'm definitely a meat-eater!) But I always thought it would be so cool to secretly have that power; to be able to heal the animals along side of the road and make them "good as new".