it is that transgendered differentness

as there are so few of us, allthough I have straight allies, you so very often feel all alone
christinemelody christinemelody
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I sometimes get the feeling that I am isolated from other real life transgender people like myself also but I don't very often feel alone, thanks in part to the communication and friendships I have found here on EP. The understanding and support that I have gotten from my wife when needed has been a big plus as well. Its my feeling that there are probably a lot more people like us out there than we think, but its just so hard to break through that barrier that society has in place that we find it easier to just keep it to ourselves. You always have that fear of rejection to think about as well, and nobody likes to be rejected. Also, like vanessacd5 has said sometimes like minded people do not want anyone else around them. Which leads me to believe that some people even like being isolated. To each their own I guess.

thanks for the reply Nita

it is good you have the support of your wife

i have about 60% from her so I've a way to go

dont want to loose her or the family or my home as there are too many homeless transgender who commit suicide

i have 100 support @ work and I am fully out there but strangely so other tgs have approached me (there are 1600 staff @ the site) so I know there are at least 2 others.



a call centre

yep going thru that alone season now myself hugs to you sister

I am a heterosexual crossdresser with submissive tendencies and no wish to become transgendered, Christinemelody, but I want to say to you, please don't feel alone. I care.

For me the problem has always been me. Didn't want to be less manly than my friends. The problem was my "friends" turned out to be bigoted homophobes. That being said, you get a feel for people you want around you and at that time (and even until recently) I didn't want anybody around me.

unfortunatly I dont have any friends

Niether do I. At least not in the physical realm. Here at EP I do or at least have someone to talk to. And I will be your friend. Can never have too many people that care about you.


but it would be nice to go out with a friend