I'm autistic, and useless at socialising. Ok, I have brains, but that doesn't make me "Miss Smooth Talker". I'm probably the most useless person in My Town where I live. I try to tell jokes, but I'm crud at them, and...sometimes, I just want to fit in. I started year 8 today, and although I have been with my awesome form for a year, I still have noooo friends. I'm not allowed to sit at the "cool table" and so I have to crouch by my locker, nibbling my carrot sticks at lunchtimes, I just want a friend!
FrothyRaspberry FrothyRaspberry
16-17, F
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I feel your pain.

Hi FrothyRaspberry
have confidence in yourself. Do not wait toy be invited to join others - let them come to you. Don't try to be who you are not. You sell yourself short imho. There is difference in humans. Is not all about being the same.
Best wishes