It started when I was about 14. I got told by many people that I would never amount to nothing. Here I am now 2 years later, in school. I let them get me down so badly that when I would get home I would cry.When I felt this way I would always think will I ever fit in with anybody? Well, I found that answer out and it was yes! I have the most amazing best friend anybody could ever ask for. I tried overdossing several times but they always took me to the hospital. I wish sometimes they would have just let me be. Alot of times, I always thought I would be better off dead or all alone in a corner. When I got the feeling of being sad all the time that is when I was told I was depressed. Depression is not a fun state of thinking. In fact, it is the worst thinking possible. You can think about suicide and alot of other thinks. Now, I am starting to realize that I have a role in life or else I wouldn't be here. I have also learned by many of you alls stories that suicide is not worth it at all. I hope and pray that my story will help you all out.
mystoriesforyou mystoriesforyou
18-21, F
May 7, 2012