Hide & Seek.

When we were children, we used to play hide and seek a lot of times. it was fun time pass of children of my age or slightly seniors. one boy or girl searched others who had hidden at God forsaken places. it was fun all along. normally while hiding we paired as one boy and his favorite girl. and places were normally dark and hidden from gaze of elders. as we were children, we used to hug each other very tight. as our knowledge of things grew the boy and the girl began to kiss each other and enjoyment increased. i made it point to select my partner a most beautiful girl. the girls being expert in kissing helped our knowledge to increase. in our large house there was plenty of places to hide. and big opportunity for a long time. so we had lot of enjoyment of the girl's company. the girls had daring and sometimes if you were lucky to get proper girl friend, she touched your **** or caressed. Sheila and i when paired, had a lot of fun as she kissed and licked my ****. i felt at that time that time should stop and she should lick continuously.. it was heavenly feeling and i was on top of world. many other children searched for us after the unusual time. a girl holding a boy **** in her mouth, you can imagine what a thrilling experience it was my friends, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
rod1944 rod1944 56-60, M Jul 27, 2011

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