Why Do They Expire

What I dont understand is why all of the passwords at my job expire in like 3 week spans, but never at the same time?

So then I end up changing one password so that is different than all the others I use, and when I finally need to use that application I dont remember if it was abc1 or abc2.

And they think keeping your passwords updated helps in risk management?  The way passwords change, all my co workers have resorted to just writing them down?  How the hell does THAT help with risk management. If someone wanted to, all they would have to do is pull open a few drawers, take out someones password list and log in...

If they would at LEAST have all the passwords change at the same time...that would help a little bit. I mean comeon.. WE arent robots...

WunderWoman WunderWoman
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1 Response Dec 6, 2006

I use a smal program for that now...I can store all my passwords in it, it helps me and is free to use (http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/)