I Used to Always Forget...

Wow. This subject really hit home with me. I used to ALWAYS forget to send my cards to people. One year I even had ALL of my Christmas cards written and stamped but FORGOT to mail them. DUH! That's when I THOUGHT I'd send e-cards.

Well, I tried that. It only lasted a short while when a friend of mine sent me an e-card, that when I opened it, it ATE my computer. Yep, a virus crashed my hard drive. Not only once, but TWO hard drives (at different times).

Interestingly enough, (they say 'timing is everything') an old friend of mine introduced me to a really neat service where I could go online and find or create a card (a REAL card). I typed my message and when I clicked send, it was printed, stamped AND mailed for me. I loved the service and am now a member.

For those of you that do forget special days, OR just to act on a prompting to send someone that 'pops into your head' a card to let you know they are thinking of them, please know there IS a way you can send a REAL 'snail mail' card for about $1 (plus postage) without ever leaving your computer. You don't even have to print them out and they are great!

OK...never forget again! Life is precious and you should 'celebrate life now.' It's not what you say, it's not what you do. It's how you make people feel. Send REAL cards that don't get deleted or tossed out easily. In fact, why not try what I'm using? www.SendOneFree.com

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

I agree with what is said here in so many ways. I too found a great way to share with others what is in my heart by sending personally created greeting cards that are sent through the mail. You can also include personal digitial pictures. You can go to this site to see what has been such a sucess for me.<br />
<br />
Change someones life, each day. It will be worth it.<br />