People always say I'm quiet,  I don't speak much or I should speak up more. It's just that I don't feel a need to speak, or the topics people talk about are not really of interest to me. Most of the time the topics are quite superficial like what happened in the news or some gossip or some sort of office politics. I generally have no interest in these things unless they somehow affect me to a large extent. I prefer more to discuss on say, philosophical topics and a more general view on society and culture though it is difficult to find a niche for this types of conversation. It's also required to know a person for an extended period of time to be able to discuss about issues that are that deep, something I don't really do; Keep long relationships with people, I generally find people quite boring.

I'm confused, is there an error with being quiet? I am well aware I don't communicate THAT well, especially in group settings. Writing is my preferred form of communication but obviously that isn't always an option. So I suppose now the question is, do I start changing myself to become more extroverted or do I start being more comfortable with being quiet?

I tend to stay in my head a lot, I like to think. I like to daydream. I generally don't really take interest in a person until they have something to offer or they demonstrate a quality I look for or they are different from the "herd". I know this is probably one of the reasons why I don't have a lot of proper friends but the ones I do are really good people. 

I have become very comfortable with being by myself and enjoying the solitude, too much I think that I don't really try to make new friends even though I put myself into situations that give the opportunity to. Mostly I just observe people and how they interact and if I see something interesting I will go and find out about the person or about the story. 

But you know what? Maybe I'm okay with being introverted. Maybe I should enjoy all this time I spend alone. It's made me who I am today, even though I may be cynical and sometimes cold, I see the world as it is; What I perceive to be true. 

Maybe, just maybe. It's okay to be me.
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NOOO! WAAAAY!!!!! I thought I was the only person that actually thought in this form. We gotta chat sometime.

In addition, we are like the spitting image of the same person.

Haha sounds good : )

Don't try to be extroverted. You're a great writer and you should never change for someone else.<br />
Being introverted is a part of you. :)

Perhaps changing might bring some happiness into my life :)

It's always okay to be you. Nobody should be anyone else but themselves. If you are introverted then don't try and change because then it won't really be the authentic you. Being introverted and being alone do not necessarily go hand in hand. Maybe and introvert does well with other introverts or maybe someone who is a mix of the two. There is such a thing as quiet confidence. Many confident people are quiet, and they are comfortable with it. Confidence does not always go hand in hand with being gregarious or being the life of the party. Everyone should just be their authentic self, and then you will attract people who compliment your own personality.