Shy, Quiet , Introvert ...... Etc

When i was teenage ,, i was very annoyed to here people calling me "so quiet" or "shy girl" .. it was hurting me to feel that something is going wrong with me !! why me is so quiet and can't talk much like other kids ?!!

As i get elder , nothing changed :D .. I'm still shy and reticent But I start accepting being so quiet girl , it is not so bad anymore .. i thought that i'am quiet because i'am shy but recently i realized that i'am quiet because i'am quiet !!! i hate speaking loudly or talking a lot .. that's me !! so i accepted myself as it is ..
My real problem is shyness .. idk how to overcome that .. strangers scare me especially men !! i feel Unrelieved when i'am surrounded with strangers talking to me and expecting me to react with them .. this fear doubles when a man appears on the scene ..
Really i don't know if Psychiatrist will be the solution ..
MissVampire MissVampire
22-25, F
Feb 10, 2013