So Annoying!!

I am constantly getting asked why I'm so quiet. I get so annoyed when I'm asked that. My mental response? "BECAUSE I WANT TO BE!!" I don't have to constantly be talking. I like to listen. I like to observe. What is so wrong with that?? If someone really wants to get to know me, then they should chat with me online. I open up easier online. I'm not a people-person. I'm introverted. I'm reserved. I'm quiet. I'm shy. I'm not social. I like to be alone. I mean yeah I would love to be more outgoing. And I've tried. But it's just not me. And I hate it when people try to change that, when they try to make me more outgoing. I'm not very social, people need to deal with that.

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5 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I use to get asked the same thing all the time. I kinda just like to listen a lot also. I can be talkative around some people more now though. But by listening I saw a lot of the common mistakes people make over stuff and didnt make them myself. So i guess not running my mouth all the time kinda paid off ha

Awww well that's ok! If they don't wanna be around you just 'cause of how you look, they're idiots.

Most likely because I look like a real life version of my avatar picture, minus the shotgun.

Really? Why do you scare them?

It does not happen to me very often because I scare them