Talking Can Be An Annoying Task

I don't don't really say much cuz i don't actually have anything TO say. Or a lot the time i don't feel i can process the words that i am thinking and it would make sense so it's easier not to say anything but the out come is i appear dump.

But then i would rather just listen takes too much effort to talk.

Meleha Meleha
5 Responses Mar 29, 2010

I COMPLETELY understand this. ❤

I also experience almost the same feeling..I dont have anything to talk...But People ask me why I am so silent...I am getting annoyed of this question..I seriously try to open my mouth and after much effort i talk..

I can be very loud sometimes but if I'm not comfortable around someone or don't know them very well I won't talk or if I have absolutely nothing to say. sometimes I'm not in the mood to talk.

I know what you mean.. I too am a quiet person, vocally and with certain actions. Certain things don't appeal for me to do in public, like to just break out singing or dancing. I am not comfortable with that, it's no longer even about how people will see me but how I think it is for me, period. I came to realize I was an introvert in due time and is why I often don't want too much chatter!!

I am supprises because I though I was the only one in this world, that had that problem. I used to love going out for dinner or lunch, but I began to realize I don't talk and I feel like I am dump, I even try to get in the conversation. But they act as though I am not there. So now I just look forward to a movie,and hope they don't say lets get something eat. Which means we will talk, and I am thinking how do I go home to out of this. I just love and enjoying my food. Others will talk and food gets cold. Who is realey dum me or them?