Karma Cant Be Real

I have a x-husband that completely screwed over me and our son by ruining our family being abusive and cheating. He got everything from our marriage and I was left with nothing. I now have full custody of our son but I live with my parents and struggle to make ends meet while i am a full time student. My x parties all the time got a new hot girlfriend, has money to do whatever he wants, and manipulates people to like him but he is so fake. He always wins, its so messed up. I am sweet and loving and caring, but everything is so hard for me and depressing. I never get a break I am swamped with school and I am always struggling with money. He runs around having a blast doing exactly what he wants and tells lies about me. He still loves to hurt my feelings and finds it fun to make me cry. He has even made me contemplate suicide, though I wouldn't cause my son needs me, when I ask him to please stop doing this to me he laughs and says if i want to die its my problem. I never did anything to him though, he is the one that abused me and cheated on me so why does he get to win everything while I have to suffer and struggle. I have such a good heart and I am a christian that tries to keep her head up but he doesn't believe in god and is a very mean person. I think its all such bullsh**. WTF? Talk about testing my limits, will he ever get what he deserves? Will I ever get what I deserve? This whole thing makes me believe Karma cannot be real, right?
letmeseehowaboutanonymous letmeseehowaboutanonymous
18-21, F
May 7, 2012