Everyone Uses Me

This is a long story, As of the last 4 years I've met a great guy we live together and he has a son and a ex wife. She and I get a long there was a falling out between us when someone else came in the picture who was miserable herself and we all know misery loves company. She the miserable one we'll call her samantha, she lives up the street from the ex and well call her kristy. They were friends but I was lonely I'm here alone for 10 hours a day with no one to talk to and I'm in a different city from where I was raised. I have no friends other than the ex wife and being friends with her was a big mistake. anyway samantha from up the street asked me if I would like to do yoga with her on wednesdays I said yes. Well samantha very much wanted to break my and the ex up she would say that I said something bad about the ex when I didnt and vise versa about her saying things about me. It was a bunch of bull ****...
My boyfriend has a son and I love that child he stays with me and we have him on weekends. Well in our falling out she wouldnt let me see the son unless my boyfriend was there it tore my heart out... well since then we've made up me and the ex and have been friendly I keep the son so she can go out one night a week with her boyfriend. So monday she has a headache and I know how it is I have migrains so I gave her a headache pill and so yesterday she needed another one. Well Now she wants them again. This is just one of the people who use me... My boyfriend says I dont listen or learn. And hes so right. He told me not to be friends with her when we first met but I did I'm lonely. He told me not to be friends with the miserable one up the road I did. An since the falling out of me and the ex he told me just be cordial dont go around her. Well here I am getting used by her again... Hr writes shes a selfish bch and I thought you knew that already. and hes so right she hurt me so bad about not letting the son come over and using that as a punishment.

I like to help people but people see it as oh shell do it.

Just like back home the cousin I've loved since she was born I'm 3 years older I remember her being born. When I go home she steals my medicine and I usually dont say anything. I'm apart from them now but if I were home my family would be having me doing everything up there. my cousin has 3 kids all by different dads but if im up there its, wash tose clothes pick up their shoes like her slave or something. I told her no the last time she told me to do something the look on her face was priceless. my bf has really helped me see how people do me but still I do **** just being nice then it comes back on me.

Why am I like this? If you are a good natured person people will use you and throw you away...
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People will not use you and throw you away just because you are a good natured person. If you let them, alot of people will but that part is up to you. I would really like to talk with you more so please message me again and hopefully we can talk more. I have lots I'd like to say but I don't want post it here in public...would rather chat or write it to yourself personally.