Always, Always, Always

omg, hate doesn't even begin to describe my feelings towards math! even in kindergarten, back when we were working on 2 + 6 and 10 - 4 and other hard stuff like that, i was always the last one to finish. we'd have to do these worksheets with ten problems: five addition and five subtraction. it seemed like the rest of the class sailed right through them, but i'd be stuck on the second one for half an hour. plus i was always a person who hated admitting when i needed help, so i was forever trying to figure it all out on my own even though i didn't have a clue where to begin. fortunately that changed as i got older. i don't think i ever would've made it through high school without extra help. no kidding, i'd actually break out in a cold sweat looking at some of those crazy equations!

but here's one thing that, through all these years, has remained the same: i suck at math!

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I suck at it, too, and my skills have only gotten worse as I've gotten older. Dividing two digit or three digit numbers, I might as well try reading a foreign language.