The Path Of More Joy

It took me time to understand my life, questions about all the obstacles that were on my path. I thought why life was so unfair to me, but today I have understood the good in the bad things. I really did pick the right life. Yes, I did and as much as I used to think otherwise, I really did pick the conditions for me to learn how to let it out what I don’t need and to cultivate what I really want.
Going a certain direction, it is necessarily to stop going to the other one. Each choice is a possibility to start, but it is also the possibility of abandonment of another beginning. And that can never be a reason of sorrow. They are choices, because if we are filled with good feeling, it doesn‘t really matter what the „luck“ has put in our way. Sooner or later, the joy that we feel will lead us toward what it could be our "fate".
Our journey is a sacred decision, the path that is choose and the one that has to be leave behind, both become one way , but only for a short period of time. No one can stay there forever: once the choice is made, we must move forward without thinking about the one left behind. They are choices, there are paths. I always have a choice and I have choose the path of hope, the never giving up one. The path that leads me to more joy for life.

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2 Responses Nov 30, 2011

There can be many days of uncertainty until we decide which fork in the road best suits us. Some of it comes from fate, where our intuition leads us, and how we decide to act on our feelings about what we want out of it. You have succinctly brought a sound explanation to it, so sensible. full of wisdom~ I shall hold those ideals close.

Sometimes the choices laid before us are difficult to take. They can cause pain. Sometimes they are so easy. I beleive fate lays out our ultimate destination, we are given the choice of which path we choose to get there.