Other people take time to absorb the surroundings before venturing forward. Others take into consideration what could happen with all the what-ifs. I really do not allow myself to do all these whether to be on the safe side or to be certain of whatever that may come along. I do not dwell on precautionary means. As some may call it impulsively rash... faerie calls it spontaneous instinct. 

This is my nature. Yet it has not always been how I have been. Family, friends, society, religion, education... all play a role in determining the course of events that take place in our lives. At some point, we fail to be true to our nature and succumb to the dictations of these factors compounded by fear of ridicule or rejection.

But every so often, nature takes hold of our beings and the inner us peeks out. At moments like this, we feel free and our hearts feel joy. The deeper the nature is embedded, the stronger the tug in our hearts. We can feel the earth on the ground; yet feel the wind as we soar high. Much like a kite... and the more we pull the string, the freer the consciousness flies above. Such blissful sensations that our souls treasure when the mind reels back to reminiscing.

I want my mind filled with these memories.
I want my soul satiated with these consciousness.
I want my heart overflowed with these tuggings.

And I always have that choice.
We all do.

My violin has long been hibernating for the last two years or so. Long before the last plucking and gliding of my bow, its soul has slipped from my heart corroded by aches that made me choke to continue playing. I simply folded.

My yoga studio learned I have tried playing the strings and offered to help me let go of the aches and chokes. I would be providing the class with the rhythm of my bow and strings as we all continue discovering our spiritual beings. I choose to hold my violin once again... as a fledgling... allowing the newness of the experience embrace me once more entwined with my passion for yoga.

Faerie couldn't ask for a more rewarding experience. 
I choose to be rewarded. I choose my heart be pulled by strings one more time.
Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
2 Responses Apr 15, 2012

*faerie hugs the two Marys* I'll certainly try again... may take some time... but I'll savour the familiarity...

Rosen up that bow, Miss Faerie, and play us a tune on your heartstrings!