Choosing Wisely

Everything in life is a choice.  The lesson is to choose wisely.  Sometimes the wisest choice is not always the healthiest one or even the sanest one.  Wisdom is not ruled by good morals.  Then what IS wisdom? 

Wisdom is knowing the perfect path for you to take at any particular moment.  And knowing which decision, path, and direction will benefit you the most.  Wisdom comes from making good decisions over and over again and learning what works best for you.

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7 Responses Dec 31, 2008

To choose wisely requires restraint and self-control... as well as knowing what you want. :) Good start to this post! But then again, you mention wisdom... and I think you're on the right path with this.

Thanks! I wrote this maybe 5 or more years ago. Ive changed a lot since then. You might want to read more of my more recent works. Thanks for commenting! :-)

Hi MystikRage,<br />
Interesting that you comment on that. I like it! I also like the channelings, too. I think many people can benefit from the information, but its nice to hear positive feedback about my own, personal writings. Thanks for commenting!<br />
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Wow! Thanks Antigravity! I'm so happy to assist!

Ooo New York! I have many friends out east. I'm in Minnesota and its somewhat warm and not snowing. Strange, usually that's the reverse weather! Have a blast this New Year's eve!!

I do like to read your writing. Good Job. Right now, New York is snowing and looks very COLD. Enjoy!!!!

Thanks, Hal! I really like it when people read my stuff. It makes my day :-D. I hope you feel warmer as the day goes on...

Hi I agree with you. This is very nice one. Thanks for sharing.