No Matter What

No matter what I do in life, or not do, I know that I always have a choice in it. Even some emotions of mine, I do have a say in that too. :-)

I can choose to react to some things with anger or sadness, but I can also choose to let some things not get to me also. I choose not to let the small stuff bother me, anymore. Let's save that energy for the HUGE things in life, right? ;-)

Also, I can choose in which form to take care of myself. And how positive or negative I'm going to be also. Sure, people can influence that too, but not in a huge scale, like I use to LET them effect me. Not anymore. :-D

I'm quick to wave those troublemakers away now, not letting them get to me or bother me. No matter what they choose to comment on my stories here on EP. They don't matter. And it was my choice to make them not matter. Heehee! XD

So, now when the pervs try to contact me or post dirty things on my stories, I just delete and block. It's my choice to do that. It is in my power to do that. And I no longer feel bad for taking that choice either. :-D

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7 Responses Dec 31, 2008

I love that you had the guts to say this! I couldn't agree more. <br />
<br />
When I was 14, when I think that anger was tearing my apart, I chose to never get angry again. 17 years later: I never have. Everything in life is a choice - and that can be extremely powerful knowledge.

good for you, shadow. it takes a strong person to be able to make those choices.

its not an argument its a statement

the lesser of 2 evels is not a choice <br />
<br />
neither is being beween the barel of a gun or the edge of a cliff

I really couldn't agree more with this story. :)

read my stories in I can't stand negative people <br />
<br />
and i can't stand the change yout life mindset

Awesome! Thanks for your story. Doesn't it feel good to choose your life and how you will feel about it? I'm looking forward to reading more stories by you.