I Choose the Middle Path:

I don't know but it is really amazing how I always settle for little bit of this and little bit of that.

I like to balance everything. I can't make a clear choice- at times when I am compelled to do so- It upsets me. It gets difficult.

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5 Responses Jan 3, 2009

We always have choices which inevitably lead to the need to make decisions. I don't always like making decisions, but if I had to choose (he he) I'd take choices over directives any day.


I know what you mean, there have been times ill sit for over a half hour trying to decide something as simple as what to eat for lunch. or even taking that long or longer trying to pick a name for a stupid videogame characteror something.... i named my cat fluffy... thats it just fluffy.... because he...well... is fluffy, there is an example

hmm.. yay!! I am not the odd one out!!<br />

<br />
ya, me 2...