Our Days and Lives Are Coloured by The Choices We Make

This can be as simple as my deciding to take the bus to work rather than my car.  If I drive, I'll get there twice as fast, don't have to leave as early as I would using transit, and will get home faster, too.  If I ride the bus, I don't have to worry about driving, can close my eyes during the trip, read a book, or just watch the scenery roll by.  I may interact with someone else, on the bus or at a bus stop; the only interactions I have with other rush-hour commuters when I drive is either leaning on the horn, or exchanging obscene finger gestures.  If I ride the bus I'm helping the environment (in a city as big as Vancouver, it doesn't look like that effort amounts to anything, though), whereas, if I drive, I'm having to fill that bloody tank more often.  Driving requires I find a damn parking spot, too.  But taking transit means having to wait for that damn bus to arrive, then wait for my transfers.  Not so when driving.

This is a simplistic comparison.  I think many of the choices we face every day are on this level, and not that difficult to make.  As I'm someone who doesn't like dealing with change, I'm not always ready to take on challenges requiring greater commitment.  I do, of course.  Yet I can't handle too many big changes at once.  I don't thrive on that.  I'm more comfortable following set patterns. 

I'm not here to say one way of handling issues is better than the other.  What it boils down to, every day, is having choices to make.  Easy or complex, we all do it, every day.

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