Delicious Frosty Beverages!

I'm not a drinker; not that I'm opposed to alcoholic beverages, I just seldom drink them.  But I've always got to have a cool, refreshing beverage nearby.  It's almost like a security blanket; I'm unhappy and don't know what to do with myself if I haven't got something to drink.  I've got a small collection of favorite mugs and cups, and I've always got one in tow, wherever I go.  My friends might laugh and joke, but inevitably they too become thirsty, and we'll see who's laughing then.  I like sodas, milkshakes, juice, fruit drinks, energy drinks, iced capuccinos, iced tea, milk, soy milk, horchado, egg nog, cider, smoothies, yoo-hoo, or Brita-filtered tap water... it's all good.  And I like hot coffee and tea as well, but hot drinks just aren't refreshing like delicious frosty beverages.
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1 Response Jun 28, 2007

At least you are never dehydrated!