Since Birth

I have a huskier, raspier voice (think Demi Moore or Janis Joplin). I've always wanted a pretty, feminine voice, but that didn't happen. lol

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

How does your husky voice affect the way you laugh?

My laugh actually is somewhat higher pitched.

I have a voice in which the question is asked time and time again. "Do you have a cold?" or another good one that gets me mad as hell. " what's up with your voice?" I can understand( sort of) the cold comment but the other one, not so much. Some days I can be okay with the sound of my voice but there are other days it really bothers me:( <br />
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I am glad to see that I'm not alone:) and I think we all rock that we have voices Similiar to Demi and Janis!!

It simply makes you more attractive to those of us who like a woman with a husky voice.